Atavisi Buddha Puja


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Atavisi  Buddha  Puja (Gilan  Pasa  &  Pirikara)


Gilan Pasa and Pirikara ( a sivura ) will be provided.

On:  1st JANUARY 2013

at:  5.30 pm   (followed by the last day of Pirith chanting)

At:  Perth Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara,  78, Austin Avenue, Kenwick

Each Puja has been valued at $50/=, to raise funds for the much needed Temple Building Fund.

You can reserve a Puja to be offered by making a donation in any of the following methods. A receipt will be issued to you.


1) Pay at the temple earlier or on the 1st January.

2) Pay by Direct Debit to the following Account.  (Please indicate your Name and ‘Atavisi’ in the history)

Account BSB:   016002
Account Number:   498831089


or  send a cheque (in favour of SLSBS) to the Temple address :  78, AUSTIN AVENUE, KENWICK, WA 6107

(Your name will be called out and you can make the offering yourself to any of the 28 Buddha!)

Gilan Pasa and Pirikara ( a sivura ) will be provided.  All you have to do is put your name down in the list up on the Notice Board at the Temple and bring some flowers for offering.

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