Atavisi Buddha Puja – New Year’s Day Program

Program On 1st January 2021: 5.30 pm – Atavisi Buddha Puja (Gilan Pasa and Pirikara will be provided) 6.26 pm – Launching of Temple Website 6.30 pm – Final day of Chanting of Suttas begins 8.00 pm – Conclusion of week-long Chanting of Suttas  

Atavisi Buddha Puja

Atavisi  Buddha  Puja (Gilan  Pasa  &  Pirikara)   Gilan Pasa and Pirikara ( a sivura ) will be provided. On:  1st JANUARY 2013 at:  5.30 pm   (followed by the last day of Pirith chanting) At:  Perth Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara,  78, Austin Avenue, Kenwick Each Puja has been valued at $50/=, to raise funds for the much needed Temple Building Fund. You…