From humble beginnings in rented premises in Beckanham in December 1997, we purchased and moved to the present premises in Kenwick in 2000. With the support of a relatively small community, other well-wishers and our bankers, we were able to commence an ambitious building project which was undertaken in phases due to our limited financial resources.

Phase 1 A consisted of classrooms and a utilities block, and was completed in 2002.

Phase 1 B consisted of the Meditation Hall and Shrine Room. This was completed in 2005, and was ceremonially opened by the then High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, the late Major General Janaka Perera.

Phase 2 – Original scope was to replace the existing fibro house on the property with purpose built accommodation for our resident and visiting monks, and the Car Park.  However in 2009 the house next door, at 76 Austin Avenue, was purchased as the Monks residence and the car park construction was completed.

Phase 3 – Original scope was to demolish the fibro house and build a Community Hall and other facilities. As approved by the SGM which was held on 19/03/2016, construction of new single story building has been started on 28/04/2016 by demolishing the fibro house. Foundation work started on 18/06/2016, Roof Tiles laying had been started on 12/10/2016. Pirith Ceremony started on 26/12/2016, “Dorakada Asna” on 31/12/2106 followed by overnight Pirith Chanting by Maha Sanga and Morning Dana had been offered on 01/01/2017 for Maha Sanga.