The Season for observing the Annual Vassana – ” Annual Rains Retreat“

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Dear Devotees,

The Season for Observing the Annual Vassana (Annual Rains Retreat) – Daily Buddha Pooja and Dhamma Deshana Programs

We are pleased to inform you that the Vassana Retreat of our resident monks has commenced. Now we are able to conduct the traditional religious rituals that we usually perform during Vassana season at our Kenwick temple.
It’s a great honour for SLSBS, sponsoring family and devotees to be part of this noble event that has immense significance in our Buddhist calendar.

This year VAS and Katina Pinkama are sponsored by  Mr. Dilhan / Chamika Hewage and family.

During the “VAS SEASON” there will be daily programs at the temple and we are looking forward to your active participation. These events are as follows;

  • Daily Buddha Pooja at 7 pm from Monday to Friday during the whole Vassana Season for the devotees who bring and attend Gilanpasa Pooja.
  • Every Saturday Bana at 6 pm for the devotees who bring and attend Gilanpasa Pooja.
  • Every Sunday Bana at 6 pm as per the published calendar.

If you wish to sponsor any days of pooja please enter your name on the booking sheet on the notice board and also please contact this year’s sponsoring family Mr. Dilhan. on  0432426608 , Mrs. Chamika on 0433 438 855 or SLSBS President  Dayanath Mob: 0450 034 660

NoteAll Vasana period information will be sent through regular SLSBS emails. It will keep you informed with Vassana period evening programs and preparations for the Katina festival. Please contact President SLSBS for any clarifications.

Theruwan Saranayi