Thanking Note

Categories: Temple News

Dear Friends,

SLSBS has fulfilled its pledge to see the end of 2016 with the completion of the new building. This is a great milestone for all of us and without your unwavering support we would have never come this far in fulfilling our objectives. We ended 2016 as a memorable year where the whole community united to build extensions to the temple for the future generation. As the result, we were able to welcome the  2017 from the new building which you all worked hard to build.

SLSBS wishes to thank Ven. Siri Sobitha Thero for his kind guidance, time and actively participating at all the activities from the start to end. Ven. Visudhawansa Thero and Ven. Wilpita Suddammalankara Thero stood as a staunch supporters of all our efforts, advising, guiding and encouraging us never to deviate from our objectives. The SLSBS also greatly values all the visiting monks who have given their support and blessing towards the building project as well as for gracing the annual Pirith Chanting Ceremony. There is an endless list to thank. However, the SLSBS would like to express its warmest appreciation to the following individuals and organisations:

  • Trust and support provided by the community and donations made towards the Building Fund.
  •  Support given by community leaders, individuals and community associations during fundraising activities.
  • Individuals who made donations to the building project of cash, materials and time, making the New Year Pirith chanting at the new building a reality.
  •  Previous SLSBS leaders, past and current committee members, Building and Fundraising subcommittee members.
  •  Volunteers team who devote their time every year to build the Pirith Mandapaya, for mobilising their team to build this year’s Pirith Mandapaya at very short notice.
  •  All the participants of the “Dorakada Asna” for presenting this novel experience to the Sri Lankan Community in Perth.
  • Volunteers who donated food for overnight Pirith, Heel Dana and New Year Celebrations.
  • Those who supplied sounds, photography and video etc.
  • Volunteers who helped and managed parking and traffic.
  • Those who supplied bins and helped cleaning before and after the ceremony.

SLSBS sincerely hopes that the warmth and sincere support you all have displayed will continue to the future, supporting the long journey of SLSBS and Perth Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara.

Thanking you and Happy New Year 2017!

Theruwan Sarani

President and the Committee of SLSBS