Sunday 7 March 2021 -Sathi Paslala

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What is Sati Pasala?

Sati Pasala (Mindful School)   is a program to introduce mindfulness in the daily activities of school children. First established in March 2016 in Sri Lanka, the Sati Pasala program has now evolved into a broad, non-sectarian, non-religious mindfulness movement.  Sati Pasala Foundation, the governing body of the program has expanded its programs for school children in all 24 districts in Sri Lanka. In addition to government schools and universities, the message of mindfulness and its vast benefits are being shared with multiple sectors such as health care workers, government officials, prisons and those in the corporate sector.

The architect of the Sati Pasala Movement is Venerable Uda Eriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero, the Abbot and Chief Meditation Master of Nissarana Vanaya, Meethirigala forest monastery in Sri Lanka.

Sati Pasala programs have also been introduced in major cities in countries like Australia, UK, Canada and Unites States by requests from the resident communities with Sri Lankan background. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne branches have already been opened. At Perth, SLSBS Dhamma School offers Sati Pasala training exclusively to its students.


Now, a group of volunteers are ready to launch Sati Pasala program at Perth open to all children above 7 years irrespective of their religious background, under the Patronage of Sati Pasala Foundation in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Sinhalese Buddhist Society (SLSBS).  The volunteer teachers are regular mindfulness practitioners under the guidance of Most Ven U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero.


What are the Benefits of Mindfulness Practice?

·        Improved focus and performance in academic and non-academic  activities

·        Decreased stress & anxiety

·        Improved interpersonal relationships

·        Strengthened compassion towards living beings

·   Regulation of Emotions- Improves the ability to engage in tasks even when emotions are activated


What is the Aim of Sati Pasala Perth?

Sati Pasala Perth (SPP) will be a branch of Sati Pasala Foundation in Sri Lanka and will have the same objectives.  It will operate as an affiliated body of SLSBS.

Sati Pasala provides instructions and practical training for children to develop mindfulness through group activities in a non-acadamic environment. Our teachers will guide the mindfulness training activities established by Sati Pasala Foundation. The language of instruction will be English. We are planning to provide monthly sessions of approximately 1.5 hours on a Saturday afternoon to children above 7 years irrespective of their religious background.


How do I Register?

Registration is required by filling the enrolment form by the Parents/ Guardian at the first session. The parents are also encouraged to participate in the program and are required to remain at the venue during the training sessions. The training will be provided FREE OF CHARGE. Those who are non-members of SLSBS are encouraged either to become members of SLSBS or make a donation equivalent to that of SLSBS membership to cover the venue costs. All parents are expected to volunteer in ensuring the safety of children and supporting the sessions where possible.


How do I practice?

SMS  – Slowly Mindfully Silently