Busy Bee Day – 8th Feb 2015 at 4.00pm at Temple.

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Dear Friends and Parents,

SLBS wish to kindly remind you on the important event planned for this Sunday. Please come and join the Busy Bee day (Shramadana) on 8th February to clean classrooms and furniture as a preparation for the start of Dhamma School and Perth Sinhala School (PSS) 2015 academic terms. SLSBS encourages parents to come along with their children.  We plan to start “Busy Bee Day” at 4.00 pm and expect to finish at 6.00 pm.

PSS and Dhamma School and will be restarting their academic year on 15th February 2015 at 2.00 pm and 3.45 pm respectively.  Both schools welcome new admissions. Therefore, this “Busy Bee Day” is very important to take place before the start of schools.

These are the tasks that we plan to complete on the Busy Bee Day:

• Cleaning classrooms
• Cleaning classroom furniture
• Cleaning the library
• Weeding around the temple and the plant area and cleaning the leaves and rubbish.
• Helping to fix the reticulation
• Feeding and Mulching the plants
• Grout cleaning inside the temple
• Bathroom cleaning and spraying exit mildew
• Cleaning the shed
• Removing un necessary clutter
• Sorting out and tidy up kitchen cupboards
Please bring with you whatever tools that you think will help you to perform above tasks.

Thanking you