Ata Sil and Meditation Program for Medin Poya at Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihara at Kenwick on Saturday, 16th March 7.30am-5:00pm

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Medin Full Poya Day is historical to all Buddhists as 4 very significant events happened on this day. It coincided also with the seventh year of Sakyamuni Siddhartha Gauthama Buddha’s attainment of the Enlightenment.  On this day in response to the persuasion of Arahat Kaludai, Lord Buddha set out from Rajagahanuwara to Kapilavasthupura with 20,000 Bhikkhus which led to these four most significant evernts:

1. Attainment of Sothapanna by his father King Suddhodana and step mother Prajaphathie Gothami.
2. Princess Yasodara embracing Buddha, Dhamma and Sanga.
3. The ordination of his son Rahula
4. Assisting Prince Nanda to overcome his emotional attachment to his beautiful bride Janapadakalyani and ordaining him into Sangha by showing him visions of heavenly maidens and seared dead body of a female monkey.

Dear Friends,

Atasil and Meditation Program for Medin Full Moon Poya day on Saturday, 16th March At Our Temple from 7:30am to 5:00pm
  • Morning Dana followed by Ata Sil and Dhamma talk by resident monks.
  • Meditation session/Dhamma talk by resident monks.
  • Buddha Puja and Dhawal Dana.
  • Walking Meditation/Dhamma talk.
  • Gilanpasa (Evening Tea) followed by the Dhamma talk by resident monks.
  • Buddha Puja & Pansil by resident monks to end the program


Theruwan Saranayi