“BUSY BEE DAY ” on 28 th  February  2021

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BUSY BEE DAY 8:00 AM to 10 AM ON 28 TH FEBRUARY 2021

 We, the SLSBS committee and DSP are kindly requesting you to volunteer to clean the temple. We are organising ” Busy Bee day ” as usual prior to the  Dhamma School Commencement (Face to Face).

We are kindly requesting you to come to the temple on 28th February at 8:00 am to help us to clean the temple. We will spend 2 hrs from 8:00 to 10:00  cleaning the temple with your help.
Therefore, please come to the temple at 8:00 am on  Sunday 28th February 2021  and donate your time and energy for this worthy cause.

We need more hands to complete the following tasks:

·        Cleaning shrine room inside and outside

·        Cleaning floors /Walls/ Tilles

·        Cleaning parking area.

·        Cleaning floors/Toilets/Kitchen

·        Cleaning roof tiles /Gutters

·        Cleaning verandas

We will need the below items. If possible, please bring it along with you.

·        Water pressure guns

·        Cleaning gears/PPE

·        Ladders/   Gutter Cleaners/ Brushes etc

Theruwan Sarani,

SLSBS/DSP Committee