Note of Appreciation from President – SLSBS

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Note of Appreciation

SLSBS wish to thank all who contributed in different ways for the successful completion of 7 day Pirith Chanting Ceremony. It is a great achievement that all Atavisi Buddha Poojas were generously sponsored by devotees.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Ven. Siri Sobhtho our Chief Incumbent Monk at Kenwick Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple for his tireless efforts in organizing and smooth running of Pirith Ceremony for 7 long days disregarding his ailing health. Our Venerable Thero is recovering slowly and we wish him strong health and good holiday. He will be taking a month off and leaving to Sri Lanka tomorrow.

We also wish to express our gratitude to Ven. Visuddhavansa our resident monk for all the support and especially all the visiting monks from Sri Lanka and Malaysia who arrived in Perth for year-end Pirith Chanting and Blessing Ceremony.

We thank the great team work of Pirith Mandapa team who created a fabulous peace of art work full of creativity which has been highly praised and much appreciated by the community.

We also thank the SLSBS committee members who worked hard in the absence of many other committee members who are on holiday and all other volunteers who acted without any request taking this event as a one of their own.

At last, SLSBS wish to convey its sincere appreciation to all the volunteers who prepared “Kiribath” and “Lunumiris”, brought fruits and drinks, all who participated during the last 7 days and finally for all who carried out the hard work of clean-up.

With Meththa