Katina Pinkama 2015 (Kathina Robe Offering) on 1st November 2015

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Perth Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara

Invitation for Katina Pinkama

1st November 2015 from 6.00am to 2.00pm at Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara, Kenwick

All devotees are invited to participate in this meritorious ceremony.



6.00 am –  Arrival of Katina robe – Katina Perahara commences (Please assemble in front of the old Awasa building at 5.45am)

6.30 am – Offering of Buddha Puja followed by Katina Vasthra Pooja

7.00 am – Heel Dana (5 Ven. monks)

7.00 am11.00 am – Traditional sewing of the Katina Robe

10.30 am – Traditional foot procession or “Pinda Patha” (12 Monks).  (Please line up along the fence with a small bowl of rice to offer the monks)

10.45 am – Buddha Pooja, Mid-day Dana (12 Ven. Monks), Kap Ruka Pooja, Katina Vasthra Pooja and Pirikara Pooja.

12.00 am – Katina Anisansa Bana

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm – Mid Day meal for devotees.

2.00 pm – 3.00 pm – Closing and clean up


  • Please bring the food & other dana items to the temple before 6.00am for heel dana and before 9.00 am for Mid-Day Dana.