Atavisi Buddha Puja is rescheduled and will be held on Sunday, 09th January 2022 at 5:15pm – All who have reserved for 1st Jan are requested to join and offer your Pooja item

Dear Friends, We remember the twenty-eight Buddhas who preceded Gautama Buddha and recite stanzas recalling their virtues. Two offerings are made to each Buddha. One is a Atapirikara and the other a tray of offerings (Gilanpasa) consisting of flowers, a candle, gilanpasa and chatumadura. Dayakathwaya for each of the two offerings as follows. ●  Donation of…

Ata Sil and Meditation program for IL Poya on Saturday 20th November from 7am to 5pm at Perth Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple at Kenwick

Dear Friends, Ata Sil and Meditation program for “IL Poya day” will be held on Saturday, 20th November 2021 from 7am to 5pm. Important incidents occurred on IL poya day. First of all it celebrates the Future Buddha: The Future Buddha Metteyya: Metteyya Bodhisatta was born to a family in the City of Sankassa, during the time of Gautama Buddha….