Ata Sil and Meditation programme for Uduwap Full Moon Poya day on Saturday 18th December at 7:00am

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Dear Friends,

Ata Sil and Meditation program for “Uduvap Poya day” will be held on Saturday, 18th December 2021 from 7am to 5pm.

Significance of Uduvap Full Moon Poya Day

The unique event of bringing the Bo-sapling of the sacred Jayasiri Maha Bodhi from India to Anuradhapura, took place on an Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day.

The advent of Buddhism to this resplendent island – Sri Lanka, on Poson Full Moon Poya Day, marked the dawn of a new social order, cultural and spiritual revolution. During the reign of Devanampiyatissa (250-210 B.C) Arahat Mahinda, brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Mahinda Thera, the son of the great Emperor Asoka, was totally responsible in bringing Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Later, it was Arahat Mahinda Thera’s sister, young beautiful, charming Sangamitta, who entered the Bhikkuni Sasana at the age of 18 years, who visited Sri Lanka, was responsible for the establishment of Bhikkuni Sasanaya or Buddhist order for womanhood, in Sri Lanka.

This brother – sister combination, made a great political, social, cultural, economic and religious renaissance in Sri Lanka. Therefore, we, Sri Lankans are indebated to them.

As the Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day dawns, our thoughts and sentiments are woven round the pious and noble Bhikkuni Sangamitta. The arrival on Uduvap Full Moon Poya Day, along with the Sacred Bo-sapling, under which our blessed one, the enlightened one, attained the supreme bliss of Buddhahood. This is second only to the arrival of her brother, Arahat Mahinda to Missakapabata or Mihintale, on the historic Poson Poya Day.

After entering the Order, Bhikkuni Sangamitta residing in the capital city – Pataliputra, when Kind Devanampiyatissa, cordially invited her to Sri Lanka to promote Buddhism in Sri Lanka among the womanhood.

Bhikkuni Sangamitta, after seven days of sea journey, accompanied by eleven other Bhikkunis (Buddhist nuns) arrived at the Jambukole Port in the North. She brought along with her, one of the greatest gifts that India could provide, to Sri Lanka, Jayasiri Maha Bo-Tree Sapling, to be planted in Sri Lanka soil. Jayasiri Maha Bo Tree is supposed to one of the oldest trees in the world, where the great Gautama Buddha attained the enlightenment.

According to Mahavamsa, the King Devanampiyatissa, with all pomp and glory and glamour, paying the highest respect and honour, wading neck deep into the sea, received the bowl containing the Jayasiri Maha Bodhi Sapling, which is respected and honoured as the living Gautama Buddha.

This Bo-Sapling was planted in the “Mahamevuna Uyana”, the headquarters of Buddhism in ancient Sri Lanka.

The second most important mission or the purpose of Bhikkuni Sangamitta’s arrival, was the establishment of Bhikkuni Sasanaya or order of the Buddhist nuns. Queen Anula, was the first to be ordained. Later thousands of ladies from all walks of life entered the Buddhist order as Bhikkunis.

The advent of Arahat Mahinda on Poson Full Moon Day marked men entering the Buddhist order, as Bhikkus and the arrival of Sangamitta signalled the establishment of Bhikkuni Sasanaya of females. Therefore, Uduvap Full Moon can be considered as the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Buddhism, and Sri Lankan womanhood.

Theruwan Sarani

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