Recent Events 

    Binara Poya Program – Saturday 18th September 2021

      Important events on Binara Poya day When the Blessed One was residing at Nigrodharamaya in the City of Kapilavastu, Queen Mahāpajāpatī, approached the Enlightened One and requested permission for women to enter the Order. The Buddha turned down her kind request thrice. The Buddha left Kapilavastupura, proceeded to the City of Vesali and resided…

    The Season for observing the Annual Vassana – ” Annual Rains Retreat“

    Dear Devotees, The Season for Observing the Annual Vassana (Annual Rains Retreat) – Daily Buddha Pooja and Dhamma Deshana Programs We are pleased to inform you that the Vassana Retreat of our resident monks has commenced. Now we are able to conduct the traditional religious rituals that we usually perform during Vassana season at our Kenwick temple….