Daily – Offering of Meals to Monks — Heel dāna, and Dahawaldāna

  • 06:30 AM
  • 78 Austin Ave Kenwick, WA, 6107
  • (08) 9493 0040

There are regular donors who bring the dāna.  But those who wish to offer on a special day should contact Venerable Sobhitha.

There will be more visiting monks from Sri Lankan during Vesak, Katina and Year ending Pirith for at lest two or three months. Those who wish to offer dāna on a special day during this period should contact Venerable Sri Sobhitha.



  • Starts at 7:30pm and Ends at 8:45pm
  • Every 1st Wednesday  – Suthra discussion with Resident or Visiting Monk.
  • Every 2nd & 3rd Wednesday – Guided Meditation in Sinhala or/and English.
  • Every 4th Wednesday – Guided Meditation in English.


Sunday – Buddha Puja and Dhamma Desana

  • 06:00 PM – 07.00PM
  • 78, Austin Ave, Kenwick, WA, 6107, Australia
  • (08) 9493 0040

Anyone or more can Sponsor a Dhamma Desana on a Sunday. A Calendar is up on the Temple Notice Board where you can indicate your intention.

After Dhamma Desana you may have a Tea or Coffee and any Foods or Sweets are not compulsory and it is up to the Sponsors. If you are planning to offer Foods or Sweets, please bring bin bags, tissues etc.

Sunday – Dhamma School

  • 03:50 PM
  • 78, Austin Ave, Kenwick, WA, 6107, Australia
  • (08) 9493 0040

Dhamma School operates every Sunday from 3:50pm – 5:30pm except during holidays.

Dhamma School operate in par with School Terms in WA

Monthly – On a full Moon Day Observance of Sil

  • 78, Austin Ave, Kenwick, WA, 6107, Australia
  • (08) 9493 0040

Observance of Eight Precepts (Sil) – Saturday closest to full moon

Sil and Meditation program and activities as follows:

7:30 AM to 5PM

  • Morning Dana followed by Ata Sil.
  • Dharma Deshana by visiting monks
  • Meditation session.
  • Buddha Puja and Dana.
  • Dharma Deshana by visiting monks.
  • Evening Tea followed by the Dharma Deshana.
  • Buddha Puja and Pansil to end the program

Sil Observance days for 2017

14th January 2017 – Saturday

11th Februrary 2017 – Saturday

11th March 2017 – Saturday

08th April 2017 – Saturday

13th May 2017 – Saturday (Vesak)

10th June 2017 – Saturday (Poson)

15th July 2017 – Saturday

12th August 2017 – Saturday

09th September 2017 – Saturday

07th October 2017- Saturday

11th November 2017 – Saturday

09th December 2017 – Saturday